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Donations, why?

We would like to run this forum with as little loss as possible, meaning it's community driven. To pay the hosting and domain costs we need a total of $70 a year. More is always welcome of course to save for the following year, better hosting, etc! (Donation goal $750) 



Perks Donators get


- A Fancy orange username. 

- The ability to change your undertitel.

- Access to an Donators only section.

- Discord Donators rank. (Ask for it in the Discord)

- Participate in votes only for Donators

- Add rep between -3 / +3 to any user! 


How does it work? 

If you fill all the details in above you'll be redirected to PayPal. Within 24 hours of receiving your Donation trough PayPal you'll get your Donators role on the forum, which automatically grands you acces to the above perks. Donators perks can only be granted when donating as an logged-in user. If you donate as a guests we won't be able to grant you perks, unless you contact us afterwards providing transaction details of your donation, so we can grant the perks.


Please note you need to donate at least $5 USD or the equilevant in another currency at the time of donating. This is due to PayPal proeccesing fees. 


Thanks for considering Donating!