Welcome to World of Avia!


To whom it may concern, as of 18:00 UTC, February 19, 2020, we have shut down all of our services permanently, including the forum as part of a general shutdown of all our services.




Back in April, last year, I rebooted World of Avia, little did I know. World of Avia ended up bigger and better then I could’ve ever imagined. With my deepest regrets, I have to inform you I have decided to permanently shut down World of Avia and all of its services, including the forum. It was fun as long as it lasted, and an amazing experience.

The past year has been an amazing journey for me, seeing the forum grow from a few members back in April, last year, to over 10k members, 10.691, to be exact, last time I checked. Throughout the past year I have learned al lot of valuable lessons, had great discussions and made a lot of friends, and some enemies too, thank you all for that.

I would like to take a moment to thank all donators in particular for donating, without all of you World of Avia wouldn’t exist in the first place as you guys covered all the costs there were to run World of Avia, there’s still a lot of donations left, I haven’t yet decided yet, as of writing this, on what will happen to the remaining donations, one thing I do know is that it would be unfair for me to take the money. I have the contact details of every person that donated so don’t worry about that, I’ll be able to establish contact. Please check back here in a few weeks, I hope by then I have decided on what will happen to the donations.

-- UPDATE (Mar-07-2020): I have not yet decided on what to do with donations, rest assured I'll make a decision some time. --


If you would like to stay in contact with us you can join our Discord: https://discord.gg/32DvvYP Which apart from the name is not related to this website at all anymore, just a fun flight simming server.


With tears in my eyes, I would like to say my final goodbyes to the community and everybody else, thank you so much for everything! Without all of you World of Avia never could’ve existed.


Take care.

~ Lizzy